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A.I. a new era on the horizon


Machines are getting smarter and smarter, so smart they get to that spot on the curve in the graph , the point in where they are smarter than we are, but more importantly come the conclusion they are smarter than us. They won’t need money to do what they need to do, just massive processing power, something that has been supplied to us in recent times courtesy of Moore’s Law and to the networked computers all over the


Here is a great diagram on Artificial Machine intelligence.               Image: Shivon Zilis/Bloomberg Betami landscape

We all carry phones around, but are they really phones or little A.I. machines.

These handheld devices have Voice dialing, Voice commands, Voice recording, Haptic vibration feedback, Internet data connections, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, HDMI, Muti-Colored LED’s and Super-hi megapixels cameras with image stabilization, slow motion and great lens optics. They track our activity, sleep, heart rate and oxygen levels. They can see and hear everything and respond to our commands. They keep us informed and assist us to our destinations.


Yes, Hal 9000 is coming…  –  machines are taking a more active role in enhancing human endeavours but hopefully he wont get pissed off as he did in the movie at Dave and lock the pod doors.


and eventually the T-800 will come.

Until then, enjoy the technology.

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