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Lost In Computerization

Lost in computerizationAre we are becoming lost in the computerization we have built our lives around?

We are flying high and speading our wings with every new website we visit and every new app we install, but we are slowly growing apart from each other as people.  Technology can give us the grand illusion of a connection, but it often just enhances our ability to be alone together.

We are the Endangered Species

Without physically being in the same room with someone can we ever really be close friends or achieve any quality time?

Sure there may be a heated conversation or even the possible backlash of gas from the mix of beer and spicy tacos from your group gathering,  but it may just be well worth it.  In fact, I believe that it’s a necessity… (the physical part, not the gas).  As it brings us closer together, completes the bond of friendship and creates the beginning of deep meaningful long term relationships.

As a technologically advanced society, we need to seek out more meaningful and sensible connections as opposed to so many forced and unauthentic ‘digital’ connections.  The social networks have been an amazing tool to bring us together, yet they have pushed us a part in other ways.

I am starting to underestimate the value of family and friends.  Instead of calling to say “Hello how are you, whats new”, I just click to see their stream of posts or recent pictures.  Days, months and years past me by, all in a single page scroll.  No interaction needed.

Messaging and texting….yes sometimes it’s the only way when your far apart from one another, but we do we really even know how to talk to one another anymore? it’s becoming a lost art.
Almost anyone can ‘‘poke’  ‘+1’  ‘tweet’ or ‘like’  but where is the actual connection on a person to person level?

I lost track of how many times I have been at the park and looked over at a park bench and I see a group of people sitting all together, but they all have their heads down looking into their electronic worlds.

Let’s not get lost, if we can.


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