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Samsung basically hocked up a loogie and then, ptooie, spit it in Apples face

First let’s see how this iPhone trend is going…

2011 (iPhone 4) – 18.3% of overall smartphone market share
2012 (iPhone 4S) – 16.6% of overall smartphone market share
2013 (iPhone 5) – 13.0% of overall smartphone market share
2014 (iPhone 5S & 5C) – 11.7% of overall smartphone market share
2015 (iPhone 6) – will have less than 10% of overall smartphone market share
We must accept and move on folks…………

Now lets look at what Samsung is bringing us today…

Samsung’s New Phlagship Phablet

The new Galaxy Note 4 runs Android 4.4 KitKat and has a 5.7-inch AMOLED display with a 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) resolution; that adds up to an incredibly sharp and colorful 518 ppi screen. Its cameras also get significant upgrades. Optical image stabilization bolsters its 16-megapixel main camera, and there’s an 8X digital zoom on that shooter. To reduce pixelation on those digitally-zoomed images, Samsung says the camera uses its own special blend of HDR-like image compositing. The front-facing camera also gets a bump, with a higher-resolution 3.7-megapixel sensor and an F1.9 aperture that helps it perform well in low light. According to Samsung, it also has a 120-degree field of view, which is a much wider-angle lens than most selfie cams. The Note 4′s removable battery is an ample 3,220mAh unit, and the company touts its “Rapid Charge” feature, which can juice the battery 50 percent in 30 minutes. Similar to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S, the phablet also has an “Ultra Power Saver” mode that the company claims can last 24 hours with just 10 percent battery life. Yes the battery is removable, unlike the iPhone battery. Did I mention the Note 4 can shoot 4K video, and yes its looks awesome.

and this…

And if that is not enough to shrivel the balls of Apple executives and fanboys, how about an Oculus Rift-style headset that works only with the Note 4. You insert the Note 4 into the facemask, and the phone automatically enters VR mode when you dock it into the headset.  For content, Samsung has inked a partnership with Oculus that will make games and movies downloadable for the Gear VR setup through the Oculus Store. When docked, the Gear VR uses the Note 4 display and its processing power for full-immersion games and movies, while the headset has its own magnetometer and accelerometer to calculate movement, as well as a proximity sensor to know when it’s on your face. Built-in lenses with a 96-degree field of view sit between your eyes and the screen, and there’s a touchpad on the headset’s right temple for navigating on-face menus. The sides of the mask also host volume controls and a menu-back button, and there’s a focus-adjust wheel on top. The whole thing clings to your face with Velcro straps.R320_White_Dynamic2_008-660x443

 plus this…

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A Note 4 With an Extra Side Screen its unique 5.6-inch AMOLED screen, which wraps around the right edge of the phone to provide a slim, slanted side display. The edge of the screen is sloped at about a 45-degree angle, so the bulk of the screen can be turned off while the edge displays the time and alarm settings. You can also set it up to scroll sports scores or Tweets like a ticker, display weather information, or scroll through stocks. It basically acts as a custom notifications panel, moving that information to the side of the device so that it doesn’t hog any valuable screen real estate.


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