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Bliss time for Windows XP

On April 8, 2014 Windows XP reaches what Microsoft calls “end of support.” There are two types of XP for so-called embedded systems, ATM’s, POS devices, etc which will receive support until January 2016.  XP made its debut in 2001 and retired from retail stores as boxed software in 2008. PC makers were allowed to sell computers with Windows XP for another two years. Microsoft Corp. is pushing remaining XP owners to upgrade to a newer operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.  It will still be possible to use existing Windows XP computers, but that comes with risks. XP

  • This Microsoft site will check: If you have XP, the site will go through your options.
  • A big reason is security. Hackers know Microsoft will no longer fix security flaws, so evil-doers have extra incentive to look for them.
  • There are also performance issues. If you buy a new printer,  scanner or mobile device it might not work on XP. Same goes for new software, particularly if it needs faster processors and more memory beyond what was standard in XP’s heyday.

As Windows XP gets sunset by Microsoft, we’ll always remember forever the iconic wallpaper known as ‘bliss’ that depicted the rolling hills and great blue sky that has since become one of the most recognizable images in technology history.   The medium format camera used to take the photo, the Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera. The camera, which began production in 1982, now in the third version is a modular system meaning that lenses, viewfinders, glass, and film backs are all interchangeable.

Bliss XP

While many people thought the image of a sky interspersed with gentle clouds set against a tranquil, green pasture was created by digital means, the image was actually taken by American photographer Charles O’Rear in 1996. O’Rear composed the image “Bliss” during a trip through California’s flourishing wine country while on his way to visit his girlfriend and future wife Daphne.

In the video below, we learn about why he chose this particular shot and how it was selected to be the most viewed photo of all times.

With Windows XP moving to its own greener pasture, the aptly titled “Bliss” will remain etched into the minds of millions for years to come.

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