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Windows 8 has single handedly killed the PC.

In short: Windows 8 was a bust.

The figures from Gartner are in. PC shipments plunge in worst drop in a generation. Global PC shipments* plunged 14 percent in the first three months of 2013, according to newly released figures from market research firm IDC.

In IDC’s own words:

“Despite some mild improvement in the economic environment and some new PC models offering Windows 8, PC shipments were down significantly across all regions compared to a year ago. Fading Mini Notebook shipments have taken a big chunk out of the low-end market while tablets and smartphones continue to divert consumer spending. PC industry efforts to offer touch capabilities and ultra slim systems have been hampered by traditional barriers of price and component supply, as well as a weak reception for Windows 8. The PC industry is struggling to identify innovations that differentiate PCs from other products and inspire consumers to buy, and instead is meeting significant resistance to changes perceived as cumbersome or costly.”

windows 8

After personally test driving Windows 8 and it’s radically different operating system I soon realized the party was all over for Microsoft Windows.  Cumbersome, confusing and it’s all new look and feel will either throw you a curve or a monkey wrench every time you try and launch an application or search for a file.  There are some great improvements in boot time but when trying to do everyday tasks it just wasn’t efficient or organized in it’s “new ways and methods of doing things”. No one wants a learning curve this steep, especially when there is no real benefit to it.  I used a touch screen laptop and the experience was fun, but on a normal desktop PC it just doesn’t work like you want it to because it’s designed with touch screens in mind.

I bought a android tablet a year ago and I never looked back ………. smooth buttery interface, awesome graphic display, not to mention all the goodies you require and need, like-calendars, alarms, to do lists, contacts, pictures, music, books, TV shows, movies.  Now with over 200 apps installed to date and easy to install new ones with a few finger taps.  Everything you want :  news, weather, sports, games, first aid, recipes and productivity apps galore.  Most of them for free or only a couple a dollars to buy.
Now I barely ever open my laptop unless I need to rip a CD to the cloud. Tablets are just better for what we do. Faster, cheaper, lighter, easier to use and a fun experience. There is no just reason in lugging around a 5 pound brick any longer when you can carry a 12 oz device that provides you the same information.

The desktop pc still remains the king in many business environments, moreover, the tablet is not the same type of workhorse that the desktop is; it’s mostly a casual device, built for consumption rather than creation. Thus to concede the “pro” users (the programmers, the filmmakers, the publishers) to the desktop; and focus on the majority of casual users (the readers, the gamers, the social networking teens).  Of course, a lot of the pro users bought tablets as a second device anyway.  Never the less, Windows 8 is sick in bed and getting ready to be put to sleep.

Good night and sleep tight Windows 8.Windows is dead

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