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Digital Locker – Your Stuff in the Cloud.

Digital Locker

Your home is a sum of its treasured parts

Having a room-by-room inventory of your personal belongings can save a lot of headaches – or heartaches – should you be hit by a catastrophe. If your home is ever damaged or destroyed in a storm, fire, or other devastating event, an accurate and up-to-date home inventory can help make the possible recovery process easier on you and your family.

Take thorough photographs of your belongings. You’ll want to capture each room in your home, focusing on individual items in each room. Don’t forget about smaller items like jewelry, silver, and other valuables. Also be sure to update your home inventory periodically, but especially after any major purchases or gifts.

Go to to sign up for your free account and build your home inventory.

The Free Allstate Digital Locker ® application keeps a home inventory of all of your personal property where nothing can happen to it—perfectly organized and accessible to you at a moment’s notice, in case of an emergency.

How does it work?

Built with your needs in mind

With the Allstate Digital Locker ®, you can keep a detailed visual catalog of your valuables, organize items by room and category, save your data to the cloud, and download or print your Locker information anytime.

  • Free For Anyone to Download and Use – You don’t have to be an Allstate client to use this application or set up an account.
  • Add a Visual Reference to Your Inventory – Snap photos with your smartphone throughout your home and link multiple items to one image.
  • Estimate the Value of Items – When entering the value, use your best judgment or utilize the Google or barcode search.
  • Mobile AppSynchronize Data to the Cloud – Access your Locker from the mobile app or the website and securely backup your inventory to our secure, data-storage cloud.
  • Catalog Personal Property – Stores and helps you organize an inventory of your personal property that is accessible to you at a moment’s notice, in case of an emergency.
  • Starter Set of Rooms and Categories – Begin the inventory process by taking advantage of our room and category templates.
  • Available for iPhone, Android or Web.

You can also scan this QR code.

Android QR code

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