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Top Android Apps for the Nexus 7 Tablet..3Q.2012

The Google Nexus 7 tablet has been out for a few months now and I’ve used Apps that make it shine and Apps that you wish you had never installed, here’s a short list of the top android apps for the Nexus 7 tablet.  For starters let’s talk about free Apps, some can be good, however if there are any ads what-so-ever, it automatically makes its a “CRAP-APP”. Distracting and bothersome they usually are sluggish because of banner ads that constantly suck bandwidth and resources from your device and distract you from the original purpose of the app, whether it is a stopwatch or notepad,  I usually end up always un-installing them, so stick to no ad apps for more effective usability and best functionality.


My top 6-Pak of games that perform well,  look great and are really fun to play on the Nexus 7.

 Bad Piggies    Rise of Glory Rise of Glory Riptide GPRiptide

Moto X Mayhem Moto X Mayhem  AB Space  Slice-It Slice It



Daily Apps that help do what you need to do.

Google Apps – All Google Apps are designed to work like butter, and they do.  Especially the Google+ app as it displays your content in a most pleasing array of photo thumbnails of all current updates with a nifty side scroll navigation that lets you swipe through all your circles and groups with ease.  Also pre-installed on the Nexus 7 were Chrome , Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Voice search, Calendar, Talk, People, Gallery, Play Music, Play Books, Currents, and Google Earth.

 Flipboard – Flipboard brings together world news and social news in a beautiful magazine. Flipboard’s award-winning experience lets people see everything in one place. By bringing together the world’s stories and life’s great moments, you can stay up to date with the things that matter most. It’s push news – the way you choose. 🙂

Evernote – Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. You  can capture your ideas & moments instantly in real time so you don’t forget them later. PicsArt – Photo Studio by PicsArt. – PicsArt is a free, Android-only, full-featured photo editor and art community. Packed with more features than in many paid apps, PicsArt has rocketed to become the #1 photo app on Android by combining the best of what Photoshop and Instagram have to offer, all wrapped in a amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. You not only can edit pics that you take with your device but pics that you import or save on the device also.  MixZing Media Player–  MixZing is simply the most advanced media player around!  Music ID identifies your songs, even those without valid tags, and lets you clean up their tags and album art.  Displays lyrics for millions of songs.  Mood Player creates custom listening sessions–like Pandora for your music. Graphic equalizer for MP3, AAC/M4A and OGG. Folder browser lets you access your media collection by storage folders.  Tag editor for most file types. Lock-screen widget to control player while phone is locked. Sleep timer. Automatically downloads missing album art.  Home-screen widgets with album art. Batch playlist editing.  Genre and video browsing


Some useful tools for managing your hardware and software on your device.

ROM Manager-by ClockworkMod Must have app for any root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, and own your device.

System Tuner Pro– by 3c
The most complete Android system suite: monitor and record all activities, backup and restore *any* applications, extended task killer, CPU SD and memory controls, logcat reader, terminal emulator, widgets and notifications, all in one highly optimized app.
ASTRO File Manager / Browser – by Metago ASTRO helps organize & view your pictures, music, video, document & other files.  It’s like Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder for your phone or tablet and allows you to easily browse and organize all of your pictures, music, videos and documents. It also gives you the ability to stop processes that burn battery life and backup your apps in case you lose or change phones.
Ultimate Rotation Control – FameIT The one and only rotation control app that can REALLY LOCK your screen in ANY orientation and also FORCE the automatic orientation to override app specific settings. A must have app for the Nexus 7.
 FlashLight HD LED Pro by – Works well on the Nexus 7 since there is not an LED flash for the camera like there would be on a phone’s camera you can use your full 7 inch screen as a light source. Has a widget for quick access and a super easy to use touch controlled color chooser for your flashlight.

 SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard – SwiftKey 3 Tablet understands how words work together, giving much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards. Very sloppy typing will magically make sense, even if you miss spaces, and SwiftKey 3 Tablet also predicts your next words.

AirCalc (on-screen calculator) byMBFG –  ☆ ABSOLUTELY FREE, NO ADS ☆. AirCalc is the only floating calculator for Android.  AirCalc floats above any running applications. You can move, resize and even minimize AirCalc. Advanced view, just swipe your finger left or right on the keypad. Also features Hide/Resize support, Copy/Paste integration, Full transparency/opacity support, Multiple instance support, Advanced (sin, cos, log, square root…).

Bonus Apps

Plush+ informational

Birds PRO by NATURE MOBILE – This is one of the most fascinating apps around, browse more than 1500 Hi res pictures of birds and listen to more than 460 spectacular calls and bird sounds. It also has a a stylish and Identification guide with an integrated photo and sound quiz game once you’ve mastered the call of the birds.

ElectroDroid Pro by Iero – ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and reference with geeky tools like; Ohm’s law calculator• Reactance calculator• Voltage divider• Resistor ratio, value/series/parallel• Capacitor charge calculation• Operational amplifier• LED resistor calculator• LM317 calculator• Heat dissipation• Battery Life calculator; • Inductor design tool• Voltage Drop calculator• PCB Trace Width calculator. Port pin-out (USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, FireWire, Jack, XLR, RCA, DMX, ATX, Molex, EIDE, SATA) and many other resources • such as: (Resistivity table; Table of standard resistors and capacitors; Capacitor marking codes; AWG and SWG Wire size).
Mixologist™ Drink Recipes Digital Outcrop Mixologist™ Drink Recipes by Digital Outcrop – Mixologist is the ultimate drink recipe and bartending/mixology guide. Browse and search through 7,900+ drink recipes and 1,300+ ingredients.  The “Liquor Cabinet” tab lets you enter all the liquor and mixer types you have on hand–and search the entire database for all the cocktails you’re able to make.  The “Bartending” tab supplies info on Glassware, Tools of the Trade, Terminology, How to Stock Your Bar, and Bartending Tips & Tricks. And if all that is not enough it also has a liquor store locator to find nearby liquor stores using Google maps and GPS.

Nuts & Bolts PRO by Tim Judkins – Quick reference for screw dimensions and drill sizes.  Nuts & Bolts is a simple application to look up screw sizes.  It provides screw diameters, screw head dimensions, and tap drill sizes for standard sizes #0 to 1″ and metric sizes M1.4 to M24.  A simple interface allows you to cycle through sizes and screw types OR tap any dimension to quickly jump to the size you want.  Screw head types include: * Pan * Button * Socket Head Cap Screw * Round * Flat * Hex * Binder * Fillister * Truss.

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