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Emailing ‘Large Marge’ files 50mb-2gb

Using the cloud to store your files is certainly convenient, but most of us still have plenty of local files and often need to send larger ones by email to people we’re collaborating with. Exchange servers reject messages with attachments larger than 10MB; some companies still have a 5MB limit. Then there’s the space it takes up in your mailbox: if you have a mail quota to stay under, deleting messages you’ve sent with large attachments is one of those annoying tasks you either waste time on or never get around to. There’s also the time it takes to upload the files, although that’s slightly quicker if you compress the files first. But using a compression program can add tons of extra steps and planning to an otherwise easy step of sending an email.

Until recently that is, thanks to the makers of  Winzip for creating Winzip Courier, a new utility for PC or Mac o/s that will allow you to email large attachments without all the hassle of finding out you email is too large to send and then figuring out if you should compress it or store it in one of the many cloud storage services to be retrieved later by your recipient.
Winzip Courier 4

WinZip Courier handles the zipping and the sending rather more conveniently webmail services like Gmail and Hotmail using its own ZipSend service. That’s actually powered by YouSendIt (you can just sign in with an existing YouSendIt account) and has the same free option of sending a single 50MB file at a time or up to 2GB of files if you pay $9.95 a month for ZipSend Pro.


Courier cuts out all the steps of zipping attachments separately, and a drop-down menu on the toolbar or ribbon in Outlook makes it easy to choose whether to zip all your attachments over a certain size or just for the current message. You can double-check the attachment in the Outlook preview pane before you send it, and you get a record of the files you’ve sent and what you said in your sent items folder with the rest of your email. Like WinZip, Courier zips files quite a bit faster than the built-in compression in Windows 7 and the file uploads to ZipSend in the background so you don’t have to sit and wait for the message to send. What arrives is a link for downloading the file that expires after seven days (unless you’re paying for ZipSend Pro, in which case you can choose how long the download is available for).


You can also zip and send the document you’re working on in directly from the File menu in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If the compressed file is larger than the limit you’ve set for Courier (or if you choose in the email window) it will be sent through ZipSend, otherwise you get a normal attachment. You can also save documents as zipped files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Courier installed.

You can password-protect and encrypt the zipped files if they’re confidential and for businesses, another advantage over the YouSendIt client (which is a web app that occasionally demands to be updated before it will run) is that Courier has a standard MSI installer so you can build it into your Windows image instead of having to help users install it themselves.

I am really excited about this WinZip Courier product/service and I am more excited to see the evolution of winzip with email and the cloud storage revolution.

I have been using Winzip since back in the 90’s when it was PKZIP. It’s a great compression utility to down^size your files for archiving and increasing the uploading and downloading speeds. Winzip is now a commercial product and even integrated into the Windows o/s making the task much easier.  Lots of other compression formats have popped up since winzip first came out, for example – –Winrar (commercial) another utility I am a long time user of, there is also 7-zip (open source)  it supports the opening of several archival formats, while offering good compression ratios, and the grand daddy of them all the Universal Extractor, it supports almost every single format you could encounter, you could say it has ‘flexibility maximus’.

– Vinnie. 

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