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MGTEK dopisp – The ultimate iPod plug-in for Windows Media Player™

MGTEK dopisp – Truly is the ultimate iPod plug-in for Windows Media Player™.

I have personally tested 15-20 different PC based iTunes “like” iPod software to sync and or delete Mp3’s from your iPod nano device. They all were weak and have buggy interfaces.
This Plug-in is the way to go. Integrates perfectly with Media player. Small, powerful.
Does it all. Try it and you’ll agree it worth every penny.
Sync MP3 audio and MPEG-4 video from Windows Media Player to your iPod, and back.
Full support for MP3 tags, including title, album name, genre, ratings, and others.
Support for playlists.
Support for album art.
Two-way sync of ratings and play-counts.
Done Deal.

Let’s face it PC users have to go through brain surgery in order to simply “plug-in” an iPod and get it to do more than charge up the battery. Windows Media Player doesn’t recognize them.
Why, we know why – because Bill Gates wants it that way.

The same reason iTunes does not run properly on a PC. Your computer will never run well with it installed. Its a time consuming software install process, iPod sync is snail-like at best – not to mention the annoying updates, they never stop and are huge in size.
Why even bother, when you already have a great media player built right into Windows.

Just install this small plug-in and life just got a whole lot better. It synced my iPod so fast it was cRaZy. It re-created in my Music folder on my computer all my iPod music, in plain English words that I can see and understand. No jumbled mumbo~jumbo conversion crap. Don’t worry because this plug-in bring-em back all intact.

Apple products were designed for iTunes, i.e. a PC is not an Apple product..
Steve Jobs wishes Bill Gates to Hell and back. But since he is only a mortal, the best he can do is make life horrible for PC users when they try and use his claim to fame and the most popular music player in the world – the iPod.

Well that’s solved. See ya.

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